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Version 3.0 - 5/24/16

  • MDBootstrap and Bootstrap Integration upgraded to version 4. 
  • New Classes: 
    • .lw-video-hero – Creates a hero with an auto-scaling video background. 
  • General Stye Updates: 
    • Pop-out Panel removed from default styling.  Snippet created to achieve the effect. 
    • Navbar Menu updated for better cross-browser support 
    • Bug fixes 
  • Cleaned up head code to align with Joomla standards, and increase page load speed. 
  • Localized dependencies for Bootstrap and MDBootstrap 
  • ShareThis Integration removed.  Joomla module and plug-in available. 
  • Javascript Parallax Removed – A Pure CSS version will return in the future 
  • Removed the sample Coverr videos from the template download.

Version 2.3 - 5/16/16

  • Logo!
  • Color updates to default style
  • lw-hmenu now stretches to fill the bar top to bottom by default
  • Styles Updates to #contentPage
  • Added Joomla blog view column compatibility
  • The .zip file should now work with Joomla's installer

Version 2.2 - 5/4/16

  • Added .lw-justify – Justify content vertically
  • Added Material Design Style to Navbar Search
  • Tweaked .lw-outline and .lw-window-text for consistency
  • Increased .lw-color from 6 colors to 8, and changed palette.

Version 2.1 - 4/29/16

  • Major bug fixes for MDBootstrap Navbar
  • Added New Class
    • .lw-center – Center all content in a div.

Version 2.0 - 4/26/16

  • Added Flex-box Support
  • Added Font Awesome Support
  • Completely New Navbar
  • New Layout
  • Style Updates
  • Cleaned Up File Structure
  • Renamed Classes for Consistency
  • Added New Classes
    • .lw-row (lw-row-tablet, lw-row-desktop)
    • .lw-flex-x (1-6)
    • .lw-img-flex
    • .lw-vcenter
    • .lw-reverse
    • .lw-color
    • .lw-outline
    • .lw-window-text
    • .lw-photo-text
    • .lw-nobreak

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