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Version 5.6 - 08/2/2019


  • LiquidWinter Footer Module v1.0
    • Includes "Developer Mode" option
  • .lw-list - Create styled lists
  • .mw-1200, .mw-1400 - Max-width 1200px/1400px. Similar to depreciated .lw-don’t-go-crazy


  • LiquidWinter Hero Module updated to v1.2
    • Settings panel organized
    • Mobile offset bug fixed
  • Design settings moved to "Basic" tab on template settings. Technical options remain under "Advanced" tab.
  • Scroll animations now affect footer objects as well as content objects. Header objects are excluded.
  • FontAwesome updated to 5.10.0
  • Pro: Moon theme dark-mode links now appear white


  • Fixed a bug with lw-darken, lighten and coloring background z-indexes
  • Other minor bugs