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Version 5.8.4 - 03/25/2021


  • New Style: lw-reverse
  • New Gradients: lw-color, Blade (Both use primary and secondary colors)
  • New Masks:
    • lw-[darken/lighten/primary/secondary]-bg-75
    • lw-[darken/lighten/primary/secondary]-bg-90
    • lw-primary-bg-grad
    • lw-secondary-bg-grad
  • Background Hue Rotate - .lw-hue-rotate (Does not combine with parallax.)


  • Classes
    • Lw-gradient is now more subtle.
    • Lw-square-row, lw-square rewritten from scratch
      • New class: lw-fill - Flood fills a positioned parent container and sets object-fit to cover.
  • Removed Google Map and Places API Keys
  • Fixed a bug for Google Reviews Module
  • FontAwesome updated to 5.15.3